Barbara Goodson's Biography

Barbara Goodson was born in Brooklyn, New York, the youngest of three sisters. She lives in Santa Monica, CA and has been happily married to her husband Bruce for 27 years. Their son Andrew recently graduated UC Berkeley as an English Major and is pursuing a career in New York in production and screenwriting.

She became aware of her mimicry skills early while imitating friends and family and quickly got wise to the positive attention she received. The camaraderie and connection that her antics sparked in others filled her heart with joy.

Barbara delights in the task of putting her own stamp on a character, whether it be dramatic, musical, comedic; in film, cartoons, V/O, nightclubs, theater, TV, the supermarket, you name it.

Being stuck in a tiny woman’s body has always been a challenge for her since she experiences herself as being much bigger than her under 5 foot stature. Among other talents, Barbara has been recognized for her powerful vocal range, playing many nasty, humorous and/or sinister “bad ladies” on screen and off.

She is what you would call a “lifer” in Show Biz. Barbara has no intention of ever retiring and continues to focus on working with more of the Industry “heavyweights” and being cast in meaningful, well received projects that also make her oodles of dough!

She truly believes acting is a blessed career that can move mountains. It’s not for sissies and contains a community of (mostly) evolved, concerned humans. Barbara is proud of the successes she has achieved and is still awed and inspired by the magical unfolding of this wild and crazy business.


BTVA Voice Acting Awards - won Best Female Supporting Actor in an animated television series. Star Wars:The Clone Wars/Mother Talzin. (Kristin Wiig and June Foray were also nominated. I'm so honored!)
Cloud Bread (series regular - Wooli, Ruis, Teacher Ellie) nominated for an Annie Award for 'Best Children's Television Program'.
Audiofile's Earphones Award for Narration/Time Warner Audiobooks/On a Night Like This by Ellen Sussman/Blair Clemens
LA Stage Ovation Awards nomination for Best Original Musical/Rosenstrasse/German mother
American Anime Awards for Best Comedy and Best Short Series/FLCL/lead role/Naota

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